Our Team

KEVIN SIMPSON-VERGER Director & Managing Broker

Kevin Simpson-Verger

Director & Managing Broker

Graduate from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance, Kevin began his career as an investor. Since he has the experience of locating, purchasing, rehabbing, and then selling investment property, Kevin has an inherent understanding of clients’ feelings and experiences.


Kevin maintains a focus on Off-On Market transactions in order to maintain a pulse on current trends in today’s market. By having a strong team and access to the latest technology, Kevin has made lasting relationships with clients who trust him with their disposition and acquisition needs.


Kevin believes in being a lifelong learner and graduated from the Commercial Real Estate Certificate Program through the University of Washington.


Kevin also completed the requirements to become a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).

Sam Subramanian Executive Assistant in KW Commercial

Sam Subramanian

Executive Assistant

As Kevin’s Executive Assistant, Sam is responsible for creating and refining the systems and models that Teletare relies on. Sam is crucial in making sure that the team runs effectively and efficiently.


Sam has a deep understanding of the founding and current principles related to business. He uses this knowledge to offer feedback and suggestions on how the team and business can improve.

Sara Thiagu Research Analyst for KW Commercial

Sara Thiagu

Research Analyst

Sara’s work as a Research Analyst includes making sure our internal databases are always up to date with the latest and most accurate property information as soon as a transfer of ownership occurs.


She is also integral in making sure that we are always in communication with all involved parties. Sara is skilled at interpreting public record information and matching it with big data so that it is clear to all.

Nirmal Kumar Research Analyst for KW Commercial

Nirmal Kumar

Research Analyst

As a Research Analyst, Nirmal is responsible for reviewing public record data, legal documents, and property records. This is essential in verifying information as well as updating the team’s internal database.


Since Nirmal has a deep understanding of our work, he is often the point person the team seeks out with questions or concerns. He is seamless at handling multiple databases and software products, which provide our team with ease and reassurance.

Michael Simpson Business Advisor for KW Commercial

Michael Simpson

Business Advisor

As a Business Advisor, Michael Simpson has provided Kevin Simpson-Verger with coaching and guidance in growing his Commercial Real Estate Practice. Michael has a wealth of experience in Residential and Commercial Real Estate and has worked in the industry for over 30 years. Today, he serves as the Operating Principal at Keller Williams Brokerage in Long Beach, CA and advises over 200 Active Agents.


Michael has trained and mentored thousands of agents, brokers, and investors around the country. Michael manages the National Commercial Real Estate Association (NCREA) and has earned distinction as an expert in commercial real estate sales and leasing. He is proud to be named one of the Top 1% of agents in the United States and one of the Top 3 Commercial Broker’s in California and Hawaii. Michael consistently closes between 50 – 100 transactions per year and it is a privilege to have his expertise on this team!

Mark Loeffler Business Advisor for KW Commercial

Mark Loeffler

Business Advisor

As a Business Advisor, Mark Loeffer has provided Kevin Simpson-Verger with ongoing consultation which has helped strengthen his Real Estate Practice through education on the implementation of models, systems, and procedures. This has allowed Kevin’s practice to expand and generate more leverage.


Mark brings over 15 years of Real Estate experience and has coached and mentored hundreds of agents and brokers. Mark specializes in Investment Sales of Multi-Family Properties in Toronto, Canada and is passionate about serving investors. On top of brokering transactions for clients, Mark is an investor himself and proud owner 100’s of units and multi-family properties.

Yaro Mamchuck Technology Advisor for KW Commercial

Yaro Mamchuk

Technology Advisor

Yaro Mamchuk is the CEO of a company specializing in web mobile design and development. Yaro has experience in a variety of fields, including eCommerce, lead generation and distribution, indoor logistics, social media, and real-estate platforms. 


Furthermore, Yaro is the owner of Event Access Control (EAC) an app-based system for mass events with the capacity to validate tickets and monitor visitors in real time. He was responsible and key organizer in establishing ticket control and security for events holding 10K + visitors.